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08 OCT 2020
Tektónica International Building and Construction Fair

Special edition of TEKTÓNICA, SIL and INTERCASA 2020, took place from 8 to 11 October in pavilion 1 of FIL and were the first fairs organized on the premises after six months in stand-by due to the pandemic.

The AIP Foundation highlights the commitment of the exhibitors of the three fairs, for their commitment and dedication, not only to the event but also to the market they represent, something that was fundamental for the transmission of the message of positivism, confidence and security for the country demonstrating that it is possible to continue to ensure the economic relations and the achievement of business that the fairs enable in a totally safe way, in the times of uncertainty that we live in.

This was also a hybrid edition, a novelty implemented by FIL, which will be used in the next events, fairs and congresses. This mixed model allowed, through a platform – FIL – Smart Events – that exhibitors and visitors to interact digitally in scheduling B2B meetings, attend conferences – namely SIL Investment Pro, SIL Turismo Residencial and the delivery of SIL awards 2020, which awarded the best real estate projects of this year in different categories – among other features that allowed to improve the exchange of contacts and engagement between companies, in a flexible way as it is a totally digital method.

Three fairs in a special edition that exceeded expectations

In a total of 127 exhibitors (data from UFI), this was a special edition that brought together the three complementary events, since they are all related to the house, in a single pavilion, which can be visited simultaneously and, thus, increasing synergies inherent in the sectors on display.

Over the four days, more than 8,500 people participated in the event (physical and digital), of which, more than 5500 in person and 3000 digital followers. This shows the willingness of visitors to physically participate in fairs and events, thus contributing to the strengthening of business dynamics and the recovery of the economy.

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