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We bet on competent inspired and ambitious teams

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Maxim freedom, maxim responsability

This business-model transformation is as challenging for our people and their roles as it is enriching and rewarding. We ensure that everyone in our corporate family – women and men alike – have the opportunity to really progress in their skills and roles.

Full-time employees
Sub-contractors managed
Age average
Wide Range of Careers
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Asset Management
You will develop, update and implement the asset value creation strategy for Office and Residential real estate. You will be responsible for 3-5 year business planning and overseeing and auditing the work done by operations teams.
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Investment and Development
Responsible for the development, acquisition and expansion strategies of the real estate market. Through the renovation and requalification of uninhabited areas, the construction of new buildings and the monitorization of economic and cultural trends in the market.
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Responsible for developing and marketing the rental potential of all real estate assets and sale..
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Real Estate Management
Responsible for client relations, profitability, and making the most of the Group's real estate assets.
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Cross-disciplinary functions
You will work synergistically with business and support staff on a daily basis: Human Resources, IT, Legal, Communications & Public Affairs, Marketing & Business Development, Finance & Accounting, Sponsorship & Foundations, General Management, Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Work Environment Jobs.
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